PE 1 and Health Class

Physical Education for All Ages

Learn from an experienced and professional fitness trainer and get a great workout for all ages and stages. Physical Education is made easy by attending a class planned ahead and geared towards the ages and stages attending. This one-day-a-week class will offer skills and exercises that the child can go home and practice and sharpen their skills.

Parent & Peewee classes are catered towards children just walking through kindergarten that is not ready to hang with the big kids but wants a fun workout opportunity to do with their parent! This workout will focus on the child’s cognitive learning and growing abilities while allowing the parents to assist and have fun right alongside their special child.

PE1 classes are catered toward the elementary-aged child. These classes will offer physical fitness opportunities that allow the child to learn a new skill, gain a greater scope of abilities and figure out what activities they may enjoy pursuing further. Maybe the first steps in discovering a future Olympian.

PE2 classes are catered toward middle school and high school-aged children. These classes will help to strengthen the adolescent’s spatial awareness, fitness abilities, sports knowledge, and basic self-defense capabilities. It would be a great opportunity to fine-tune the child’s individual abilities and interests. There may be a professional athlete waiting to be discovered.

Membership Advantages

Things To Bring

Water Bottle

Running Shoes

Sweat Towel

Workout Journal

Items Suggested by Instructor Per Class