Self Defense

Overall Body Conditioning

Circuit training is the type of training that incorporates several different types of exercises, working different areas of the body, with minimal time between them. This is conducive to a quick, effective, full-body workout.

No two circuit training classes will look identical. The trainer has the unique ability to customize the classes to the needs of the class. For instance, if there is some training for a 5K, he can tailor it to benefit their unique needs. If there are some looking to compete in a sporting event, the circuits can be tailored to work those muscle groups needed. If someone just simply wants to get a full body workout and work on their love handles, that can be accomplished as well.

Circuits are generally time-based instead of counting the number of reps done. This is easier for most so that concentration can be focused on accurately performing the required exercise. Properly doing the exercises is most beneficial for working the correct muscles as well as preventing injury.

Membership Advantages

Things To Bring

Water Bottle

Arm / Leg Grips / Protection

Sweat Towel

Workout Journal

Class Time Table

Classes will be held on a matted floor so shoes will need to be removed before entering the classroom. This will help us to protect the mats for many years. Mats and equipment are sanitized after each class to ensure cleanliness.

Day Time Trainer
Tuesday 7:00pm - 8:00pm TJ Mohler
Thursday 7:00pm - 8:00pm TJ Mohler